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Please read these terms and conditions before reading or submitting material to the Glider Pilot Network. The Glider Pilot Network is considered as it's proprietor (Andrew Kirkland) and the servers it is hosted on accessed by the domain names gliderpilot.net, glidingclub.co.uk, learntoglide.co.uk, soaring.org.uk, gliderforum.co.uk and glidingbum.co.uk.

1) Liability

i) The Glider Pilot Network cannot be held responsible for any material submitted to the site from individuals. This includes, but is not limited to, the discussion forums and the classified adverts.
ii) The Glider Pilot Network cannot be held responsible for any offence caused by material on the site.
iii) The Glider Pilot Network will do all it can to prevent the propogation of computer viruses/spyware etc. but cannot be held responsible for any loss of data caused by viruses/spyware etc.

2) Copyright

i) All information on gliderpilot.net is copyright free and is available to be distributed with the following exceptions:
  • Text/images uploaded by users is considered to be copyrighted to the originating user.
    ii) The design and programming code of the Glider Pilot Network is protected by copyright.

    3) Privacy

    i) Information registered at the Glider Pilot Network is treated as secure and will not be divulged to any third party.
    ii) The Glider Pilot Network does it's utmost to protect personal data but cannot be held responsible in the case of the data being taken without permission (e.g. in the instance of "hacking").
    iii) It is recommended that any passwords used on the site are different to those used in other circumstances (e.g. online banking, email and ISP accounts).

    4) Security

    i) The Glider Pilot Network has been designed to have a high security level protecting the site from unwanted attacks (hacking or cracking). Any attempt to hack or crack the site will be reported to the offending users ISP and the user will be banned permanently from the site.

    5) Email
    i) From time to time, the Glider Pilot Network will send out emails to registered users informing them of upcoming changes to the site or to inform them of any information relevant to the website or gliding in general.
    ii) The Glider Pilot Network will sometimes allow emails to be sent from selected third parties for marketing and advertising purposes. If you do not wish to receive any marketing or advertising emails then you can opt out by visiting http://my.profile.gliderpilot.net/?op=m1 and updating your preferences.

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